r/IdiotsInCars – Considerate driver lets pedestrians cross before continuing through red light

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Even if there is no traffic, you can not go straight through a red light (unless you’re at a red light that is located somewhere other than at an intersection, and you’ve stopped first). You can turn right on a red light after you stop, if it’s safe, and if there are no turning restriction signs.

 · Please let Southwark know your ideas and comments: chris.mascord@southwark.gov.uk.. and can help us all become better and more considerate drivers too. Light up your bike.. Take extra care at junctions, and give way to pedestrians who have started to cross.

Just Because She Said So Interesting, engaging drivel. 28 Nov 2012 Shut Up, You’re Stupid. But still. It is a douchey move to NOT allow a pedestrian to cross in his own crosswalk. Even though people do it all the time.. and I am stopped at a red light. *gulp*

You are waiting to turn right at a red traffic light. There is a pedestrian on the right side of your vehicle waiting to cross the street you want to enter. Who has the right-of-way when your light turns green? A) The pedestrian has the right-of-way B) You have the right-of-way only if the crosswalk is not marked

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As reported, the study (after breaking out percentages of riders who don’t stop at all, or who only paused briefly before continuing through a red light) concluded that only 51 percent – HALF! – stopped fully at the red light. The study also found that "30 percent [of bike riders] were spotted wearing an electronic device while riding".

Is "Idaho-style" stop sign law the way to go? Posted by Jonathan. he may proceed through the steady red light with caution.. the true fact of the matter is that it is safer to slow, or yield, and do a head check, at a stop sign before continuing through it. This is due to the fact that.