Imagining the future of UK environmental law – Brexit & Environment

The UK Government’s Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill is a valuable endeavour that attempts to develop an English, and to a more limited extent UK, framework for environmental governance.

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New environment law to deliver a Green Brexit. Currently environmental decisions made in the UK – from improving air and water quality to protecting endangered species – are overseen by the European Commission and underpinned by a number of these principles, such as the precautionary principle, sustainable development and the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

The chair of the Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons, Mary Creagh MP , has recently written to Brexit secretary David Davis and Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey to ask that they clarify their policy towards EU environmental law. She writes that the committee consider that, as a minimum, existing EU environmental law should be enshrined into UK law.

Spokesperson Emily Hunter said there was already "weak" environmental governance in Northern Ireland. Image caption Emily Hunter of Nature Matters NI is campaigning for a Green Brexit "We’re the only.

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Eloise Scotford is Professor of Environmental Law in the Faculty of Laws, University College London. She joined UCL in 2017 from The Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London. Professor Scotford’s research covers many aspects of environmental law, with a particular focus on UK law, EU law, Australian law, and international law.

UK and EU environmental law. The EU is the driver for much of the UK’s environmental policy: up to 80% of environmental regulation derives from the EU and up to 25% of all EU legislation relates to the environment. This means that untangling UK legislation from EU legislation will be a long and complex process.

Brexit and the environment Published Wednesday, August 8, 2018 A House of Commons Library Briefing paper discussing current environmental law and policy in the UK and in the devolved nations; preparations for Brexit and potential impacts of Brexit; and actions and proposals being taken at a domestic level for both the UK and each of the nations.

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Secondly, it will delineate some of the fundamental challenges faced by the UK in maintaining current standards of environmental accountability post Brexit. To this end it will argue that the UK government’s current policy, outlined in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, of transposing all EU legislation into domestic law to ensure stability on Brexit day, will only go some way to preserving and maintaining environmental.