On the path to patients, NASH drugs may hit a payer roadblock

While many of the drugs in development are two-to-five years from reaching the market if they get that far, betting on the feverish deal activity gives investors a chance to profit near term.

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On the path to patients, NASH drugs may hit a payer roadblock Wall Street estimates and clinical data suggest the earliest nash drugs could come with limited efficacy but high price tags. Healthcare providers fear that won’t sit well with payers.

added under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The notice also offers some interesting, and possibly encouraging, insight into where the IRS may be heading as it works to finalize the.

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Transformation and the Use of HIT in Pharmacy. Now, a pharmacist can fill the prescription, enter the patient, drug and prescriber data into the pharmacy pos system, and within seconds be informed of:. a duplicate of something the patient is already taking, or there may be a negative.

On the path to patients, NASH drugs may hit a payer roadblock (BioPharma Dive) And finally this week, Katie Thomas at the New York Times reports on the ethical concerns raised by a lavish "advisory board meeting" for the pharmaceutical company Evolus.

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FDA flags 19 deaths in Ocaliva patients, putting Intercept’s NASH bid in doubt. But the agency said Ocaliva may be associated with liver damage even in patients with mild PBC who’d been taking the correct dose. Overall, the FDA turned up 11 cases of liver injury in addition to the deaths. Intercept’s shares had lost almost a third of their value-down to $68-by Monday morning premarket trading.

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