Bị fan hâm mộ trộm chó, Youtuber treo thưởng gần 50 triệu đồng cho ai tìm được “cậu vàng”

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r/IdiotsInCars – Considerate driver lets pedestrians cross before continuing through red light Just Because She Said So Interesting, engaging drivel. 28 nov 2012 shut Up, You’re Stupid. But still. It is a douchey move to NOT allow a pedestrian to cross in his own crosswalk. Even though people do it all the time.. and I am stopped at a red light. *gulp*

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B fan hm m trm ch, Youtuber treo thng gn 50 triu ng cho ai tm c "cu vng". Phim cng khng b ch trch nhiu cho n khi Warner Bros. tip tc tung ra Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, phim b nh gi kh t trn Rotten Tomatoes v khin danh ting ca Prinze cng.